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We will keep this calendar as current as possible.  However, all future theme dates are subject to change, so please do not print and use as a year-long reference!  We're looking forward to a great fun-filled year of AWANA!

Upcoming Awana Calendar
January 8 (Wed)
Awana Club - Bounce Back

T&T 1000 Point Planner (January 8)

T&T awards clubbers who earn 1000 Points during a meeting with a treat. This planner can help your T&T clubber see how to reach 1000.
Attendance (100) 100
Book? (100)
Uniform? (100)
Bible? (100)
Sunday School? (100)
Adopt-a-Club? (100)
Brought Guest? (200)
Brought Guest (#2)? (200)
Theme: Crazy Christmas (200)
Sections completed (Regular, Bonus, Gold or Silver) (200)